A Historical Perspective

The beautiful vehicle that Mexican Americans have established to facilitate the benefits of recreational and competitive golf, as well as, cultural identity and camaraderie.

Why the creation of MAGA?

Mexican Americans, as late as 1962, were not readily accepted in public and private golf organization, nor could they readily obtain access to golf courses for tournament play. Something had to be done to change this condition.

Our deep appreciation to our principal founders, Nash Fernandez; President, who on July 1st, 1962, along with Danny Jimenez; Vice President, Joe Gonzales; Secretary, Bob Duarte; Treasurer, and Board members; Frank Fernandez, Alphonso Gamboa, Vince Perez, Jess Renteria, and Danny Villanueva, all residents of the Fresno area, signed their names to the Articles of Incorporation. This document, along with the Bylaws, was submitted to the Secretary of State; Frank M. Jordan, who on August 3, 1963 officially signed such and established the Mexican American Golf Association as a Nonprofit, Tax Exempt California Corporation with its headquarters in the City of Fresno, California.

The spirit with which MAGA was founded in the Fresno community quickly spread to the Santa Clara, Visalia/Tulare, Contra Costa, Stockton, Oakland/San Francisco, Sacramento, Modesto, Bakersfield, North Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Delano, Palo Alto, Kings County, Porterville, Napa, San Jose, Twin Cities, Salinas, San Benito, Ventura, San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, San Diego, Ventura County, Escondido, Imperial Valley, South Bay And Madera communities, where chapters have been formed. Today, MAGA has grown to be the largest Hispanic golfing organization in the State of California, making it possible for many Mexican Americans to enjoy the beautiful game of golf.

MAGA has also reached out to its neighboring states, Arizona and Texas. In 1977, they were chartered as independent State Associations. On a rotational basis, each Association sponsors the ‘Western Regional Tournament’. A tournament that brings together the finest and the not so finest of golfers from each State Association in a spirit of camaraderie, competition and brotherhood.

Chapter Tournaments, Council Tournaments, State Tournaments and Regional Tournaments is the business of MAGA. Today, with help from a lot of members that have followed since its inception, there is no question that our founders successfully accomplished what they started out to do, ‘Open the Door for Mexican Americans to play golf in our public and private golf courses.’ Yes, they only opened the doors. We must now keep it open. Get involved to keep MAGA alive and healthy. Attend your chapter meetings, tournaments and social events.

Note: This historical perspective is just a small amount of information that is being compiled as part of our Association’s history.


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