The Mexican American Golf Association (MAGA) incorporated in 1963 in Fresno, California, uniting a breed of recreational golfers to the heights of organized amateur
competitive golf.

MAGA organized its golfing members into Chapters, covering California from border to border. The Chapters are divided into three groups called Councils: Northern, Central and Southern. A State board sets uniform rules and guidelines for all MAGA members of California under the advice and consent of the Chapters and Councils.

Through the year, the State, the Councils and the Chapters host tournaments in a competitive manner to promote competition and camaraderie. The chapters not only promote competition but also raise funds for Junior programs, scholarship programs and community projects.

The Northern Council is comprised of all counties north to the Oregon border and extending south to the boundaries of the Central Council. It consists of the Chapters within its geographical boundaries. It is comprised of the following 8 chapters: Contra Costa, Napa Valley, Sacramento, San Benito, San Jose, Santa Clara and Stockton.


Northern Council Championship Tournament – and 8 Person Team

2020 – June 13  at Elkhorn Country Club – $85 –

Northern Council Quarterly Meetings

The Northern Council meets quarterly to discuss Northern Council business and allow for any additions to the State agenda.

 The meetings are held on the second Saturday of the quarter. The dates are listed below. A majority of directors or delegates must be present to conduct business at all council meetings. The Directors consist of all 8 chapter Presidents or their appointed delegate.

The meetings are held at 9:00 AM at:
Maria’s Restaurant
Stockton, Ca. 95205

January 14, 2023
April 15, 2023
July 8, 2023
Oct 14, 2023


Alicia Meiners

San Benito MAGA
By-Laws Chairman

Marc Longoria

Hall Of Fame Chairman
[email protected]

Al Contreras

Contra Costa MAGA
[email protected]

Arnold Salazar

Santa Clara MAGA
[email protected]

Reene Smith

Sacramento MAGA
Co-Director & Tournament Director
[email protected]

Northern Council

The councils are designed by the following geographic chapter divisions:

Contra Costa

Napa Valley


San Benito

San Jose

Santa Clara County