MAGA was the brain child of Mr. Nash Fernandez, who along with Danny Jimenez, Joe Gonzales, Danny Villanueva, Jess Renteria, and Al Gamboa put their signatures on the papers of incorporation and MAGA was born. The first chapter was incorporated in Fresno, on August 1963. This was the nucleus for chapters that are now available to serve their respective members and community. MAGA today is the largest Hispanic golf association in the State of California with chapters located throughout the state. MAGA is administered by an executive board which is made up of state elected officers. The local chapters run themselves and report their activities to their respective councils who, in turn, report to the executive board which meets quarterly. MAGA is actively involved in the promotion, creation of interest, practice of, and enjoyment of golf for its members, junior members and guests. MAGA is always ready to help with scholarships to needy students, and in our communities to promote the enjoyment of golf.


Southern Council Championship Tournament

Southern Council Meetings

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Southern Council

The councils are designed by the following geographic chapter divisions:

Imperial Valley

Long Beach

San Gabriel